3 Circumstances When Your Australian Citizenship Application Might Be Revoked

Posted on: 18 April 2019

Just like the United States of America, Australia has become a land of opportunities. The fact that about 30% of Australia's population was not born in the country is proof. Notably, if you have been living in the state for four consecutive years, then you are eligible to become an Australian citizen. However, it is important to note that there are convictions that can prevent the department of immigration from accepting your application. It is for this reason that you must seek the services of a migration agent. An immigration agent will ensure you have all the requirements for a successful Australian citizenship application. This article highlights the reasons your application might not be accepted.

Wrongful Identity Declaration

Throughout the citizenship application process, the department of immigration carries out thorough background checks on the application to ascertain the identity of applicants. Therefore when applying for citizenship, it is paramount that you provide an endorsed passport photograph and a signed identity declaration. However, the identity declaration cannot be approved by just anyone – the individual must be an Australian citizen, must have known you for at least a year, must not be related to you in any way and must hold a position in a designated list of occupations. You migration agent will only start your citizenship application process if they are satisfied with the information on your identity declaration.

Absence from Australia

According to Australia's Department of Immigration, persons that reside in Australia and are applying for citizenship must do so while in the country. For instance, expatriates do not know this and end up applying for citizenship when they are on duty in another country. Absence from the country increases the chances of your citizenship application being turned down. There are, however, special circumstances when you can appoint another person to process the application on your behalf. They must, however, hold Australian citizenship, and most importantly they must act under the guidance and direction of your migration agent.

12-Month Conviction for Criminal Offense

While a criminal offence provides grounds for possible revocation of a citizenship application, there is a threshold. If you committed a crime at any time before your citizenship application and were convicted for more than 12 months, then your application will automatically be rejected. Some applicants try to hide such details even though they might be minor offences that do not carry jail time. If that is the case, then your full disclosure is essential if your migration agent is going to lay out a case for your application process.

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