5 things to think about before meeting an employment agency

Posted on: 22 January 2018

Whether you are coming back from parental leave and looking for flexible work, looking for temporary work to support your main income, or just want access to as many different jobs and employers as possible, an employment agency is a great way to find your next position. With contacts across your city and region, plus superior knowledge of the jobs market, an employment agency often has the first access to jobs in a huge variety of sectors, before they are generally posted to the public.The process if often simple, with you submitting a CV and them matching you to work as it comes into the agency. 

However, to make sure you get the best job for you, that meets your needs and interests, as quickly as possible, it is helpful if you go to your first meeting with the employment agency prepared with five key bits of information. That way, they will be able to share only the jobs that you will be interested in, and get you into your new position as quickly as possible.

What type of work do you want to do?

Employment agencies are great for finding general office work, which doesn't necessarily require certifications. You could find jobs in the finance department, the operations team or even the marketing office. However, while much of this work will be fulfilling, if you really don't, or really do, want to work in a particular sector you should flag this right from the beginning. It may be helpful to explain your reasons, for example if you plan to get a marketing qualification any sort of admin work in the marketing team will help you build towards this long term ambition.

Do you have access to a vehicle?

Across Australia, many businesses are located in out of town business parks. If they are looking for a temp, but you don't have access to a vehicle to get there, you won't be able to take on the work. Be sure to make it clear from the first meeting if you are restricted to work in areas accessible by public transport. However, this doesn't need to be a negative. Show your enthusiasm by bringing a list of bus routes from your house, and explaining that you're happy to travel to anywhere you can feasibly get to, and that's not just the city centre.

What type of wage are you looking for?

It is important to be realistic with your wage expectations, but that doesn't mean working for as little as possible. While employment agencies will often have a range of work at different wage levels available, if you aren't going to be able to survive on below a certain salary it is in the interest of the agency that they don't place you in jobs that don't meet it. They don't want to get a reputation for sending workers who quit regularly as they can't afford to live. Be honest from the beginning. 


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