Change Your Lifestyle, Manage Your Anxiety

Posted on: 24 July 2017

Anxiety is something that everyone experiences from time to time — a normal part of life that signals when things are wrong or when there's a source of worry. But for some, anxiety is not just an occasional problem. People suffering from an anxiety disorder can experience near-constant worry, and it can take over lives if it's allowed to.

Fortunately, the medical understanding of anxiety has grown in recent years, and there are lots of coping techniques that can really help, such as meditation and breathing exercises, medication and counselling. Used together, these treatments can be very effective, helping you live a normal life with anxiety causing minimal impact. But there are also a few changes you can make to your everyday life right away, which will begin to tackle anxiety problems immediately.

Look at your caffeine and alcohol consumption

The effects of caffeine can be remarkably similar to those of anxiety, particularly when it's consumed often. For someone who suffers from an anxiety disorder, that's extremely problematic. You don't have to cut out all caffeine immediately, but certainly cut down if you can. Later, think about whether you really need it in your life at all.

Similarly, alcohol might make the immediate symptoms of anxiety more bearable, but it increases anxious feelings in the long run. Try to keep drinking within healthy limits, if you want to drink at all.

Get plenty of exercise

Exercise works to distract you from anxious thoughts and can be of real benefit when it comes to tackling stress. It also keeps your body healthy and helps you to breathe better. It doesn't have to be running or weights if that doesn't appeal to you. Yoga is a form of exercise that can really help people with anxiety.

Avoid unnecessary stress

While there are some stressful situations that can't be avoided, there's no point putting yourself in ones that can. People who get to you are best out of your life, and things like social media can often be quite stressful for some. Foster a calmer life.

Sleep well

The closer you get to a healthy amount of sleep, the less anxious you'll feel during the day, guaranteed. If you struggle with sleeping, try changing habits surrounding it. Avoid screens for an hour or two before bed, don't drink caffeine past midday, and try listening to relaxing sounds and reading a cheerful book before you put your head down for the night.


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